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Who Wants Free Tungsten Weights?

If you said yes, then listen to the details of this contest.

Eco Pro Tungsten has announced a new contest that started today and runs through the end of April.  It involves the Facebook page and is going to give one angler a year’s worth of tungsten weights.

In addition to the 20 packs of weights, the winner will get two shirts, two hats, 10 packs of Eco Pro Pegs and Pro Beadsplus a whole bunch of Kumho USA hooks with the Reaper Keeper.

The winner also has the chance to be part of the 2013 Eco Pro Tungsten catalog.

Anyone interested yet?

All you have to do is become a fan of the Eco Pro Facebook page and then share your pics of a fish caught on the new Pro Wacky Weight.  It’s that easy.
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