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Winter Wonderland

My two Labs out in the snow.

They are saying this is the storm of the century.  My labs Wyatt and Josie don’t like it.  Throw a frisbee and they won’t mind the snow, they just don’t like to sit in it.

Only worked half a day due to the snow, so I got to catch up on my DVR’d fishing shows.

1. The Bass Pros

2. FLW Outdoors

3. Fish Fishbourne

4.  Outdoors in the heartland

A couple of weeks ago Felix Fishing joined up with Tackle Warehouse as an affiliate.  So if you need any fishing lures, tackle, or apparel just click on the banner on the main page.

You can also find Felix Fishing on Twitter.

Just made tentative arrangements to fish with a local fisherman for the first time this summer.  We have a mutual fishing friend.  The last couple of years I’ve read many of his fishing reports.  I had asked him about some crappie fishing, but he convinced me it would be more fun to catch some blue catfish.  He says in the summer you can really get into them.  I can’t wait.

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