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Pro angler websites

It wasn’t long ago that high-profile anglers began utilizing the Internet to connect with their fans. Guys like Roland Martin and Bill Dance paved the way for others to follow, and in short time the net was filled with pro angler websites. In fact, nowadays, anglers at just about every level of the game have a web presence. I guess it’s a validation of sorts, or perhaps a way to be recognized.

But how much traffic do these websites actually receive? Since the advent of social media, it seems most fan interaction takes place through Facebook and Twitter. If that’s true, then why maintain a website at all?

I asked that of several Elite Series pros and the response was pretty much unanimous. They do it to maximize exposure and maintain communication, claiming a website gives them a larger platform to work from. And I agree. Facebook and Twitter are great vehicles to reach fans, but they have limitations.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the larger, more interactive pro angler websites I visited.

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