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Guntersville Fishing Report Nov 13. 2010

This past week on Guntersville has been fun.  The weather has been great and the fishing steady.  The water temperature is 58 to 62 degrees and nearly every area of the lake is littered with shad right now.  Pay attention to the shad in the area you’re fishing.  Look for tightly corralled balls of shad moving as one cohesive group.  This defense tactic usually means bass are feeding on them.

Early in the week I concentrated on the North end of the lake around North Sauty and Goose Pond.   I caught some quality fish around the causeways in 3 to 5 feet of water on a shad pattern Lucky Craft RC 1.5. I also keyed in on rocky shorelines with grass clumps growing out into 6 to 8 feet, and caught some decent fish with a shad pattern Lucky Craft LV100 and a white pearl Zoom Super Fluke.

Recently, I’ve been fishing on the South end near Alred’s Marina, Brown Creek, and Spring Creek.  It’s been less consistent for me than the North end, so I’ve had to cover a lot of water to find areas holding fish.  I’ve had much better success fishing near the creek mouths where they intersect with the main lake as opposed to back in the creeks.  My main search bait has been a Lucky Craft LV100. If I catch a couple on the LV in an area, I’ll slow down and work the area over with a Zoom Super Fluke.  I do this because I know there’s more fish in the area, but they may not be willing to chase down a fast moving bait.   Sometimes I’ll pick up another fish or two doing this, so it can definitely be worth your time.