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Guntersville Fishing Report Nov 2. 2010

The fishing on Guntersville is starting to pick up some just in time for the upcoming ABA National Championships November 3-6.  The water temperature has continued to drop and is around 65 to 68 degrees.  The bass are biting a little bit of everything right now which is typical in the fall.   You can load the deck of your boat with a half-dozen rods rigged with different baits and catch fish on all of them right now.

It seems the majority of the fish are coming from the 4 to 8 ft depth range.  Look for main lake points with a combination of hydrilla and milfoil on them and have access to deeper water nearby.  Try to cover as much water as possible with a lipless crankbait, like a shad colored Lucky Craft LV100, to find active fish.  I like to throw lipless crankbaits on 30lb braid when I’m fishing around grass, because the braid helps cut through the grass and allows you to fish the bait for effectively.  When you catch one on a reaction bait slow down and work the area over with a Texas rigged green pumpkin Zoom Ol’ Monster or a half-ounce green pumpkin jig with a matching chigger craw trailer, because there’s usually more fish in the area.

Green Pumpkin Zoom Ol' Monster

There continues to be a topwater bite as well.  Try to key in on the combination of both rock and grass.  The rock and grass don’t necessarily have to be mixed together, but look for points with rock at the water’s edge and grass growing out off the bank.   A white buzzbait or a green pumpkin white Zoom Horny Toad will both draw strikes.  I prefer the buzzbait when it’s windy and the Horny Toad when it’s calm.  The bass are still schooling around the lake and seem to come up sporadically, so make sure to have a small shad colored popper style bait, like an Iovino Splash-It, ready to go for the schooling fish.