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Guntersville Fishing Report November 1, 2011

I’ve spent several days on Lake Guntersville over the past few weeks in preparation for the FLW Tour Open tournament that took place October 20-23rd.  I researched past tournament results and discovered most fall events on Guntersville are won flipping and/or throwing a frog on the north end.  I decided I would spend my three day official practice period between South Sauty and Mud Creek looking for productive grass mats to frog and flip.  I didn’t get any bites on the frog after the first practice day so I put it down and kept the flipping stick in my hand for the remaining two days.  I was getting enough bites flipping to keep me interested.

I found a couple stretches of grass mats along the main river channel that were productive and decided to dedicate the entire tournament flipping these stretches.  I felt flipping was my best opportunity to get a limit each day and possibly get a big bite.  A cold front moved in the day before the tournament bringing cold air and a stiff wind.  I kept my head down and was fortunate to grind out five keeper bites totaling 13-07.  The sun slid out from behind the clouds, the wind calmed, and the temperature stabilized on day two.  I was able to catch ten keepers and culled up to 15-05 by the end of the day.  My two day weight of 28-12 landed me in 21st place.  I don’t know how many flips I made during practice and the tournament, but I had to wrap bags of ice around my shoulder and arm after it was all done. 

I kept three flipping sticks on the deck of my boat throughout the tournament each rigged with a Reaction Innovations green pumpkin Sweet Beaver, but I varied my tungsten weight sizes from an ounce to an ounce and a half depending on the grass thickness and the wind speed.  I used a Powell Max 7105 (my all-time favorite flipping rod) because it’s light and powerful, which is important if you’re going to flip for a week straight.  I paired my Powell with a 7:1 Abu Garcia Revo SX and 65lb braid.

Congrats to Paul Elias for winning the tournament and igniting the Alabama rig craze.  I caught my first look of the Alabama rig at a tackle store on Lake Pickwick a few months ago, but didn’t think much of it at the time.  Looks like I’ll be adding it to my arsenal after all.