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Get the Balance Right

Whether you’re a professional fisherman or a weekend angler you need to be healthy.  It is scientifically proven that people who are healthy live longer.  It’s a fact, no debate about it.  If you are not healthy you die sooner.

I practice and preach the moderation concept.  Everything in moderation.  Keeping it all in balance.

A balanced diet, a balanced exercise routine and a balance lifestyle are what make you healthy.

Tri-Tip, Asparagus, Salad, Baked Potato, Light Beer

Having a beer every now and then is ok but drinking too much is bad.  Eating too many carbohydrates is bad for you but having some every now and again is ok.  You get the picture. A balanced diet is good for you.

Even too much of the same exercise can be bad for you.  If walking is the only exercise you do, it can be bad for you.  The human body adapts to its environment.  When it adapts it stops changing.  If all you do is one type of exercise then the body will adapt to that exercise and stop changing.  That means it stops burning fat calories efficiently for energy and you don’t lose as much weight.  If you change the type of exercises on a regular basis you will lose more weight and be healthier.

For example, if you mix walking with a weight routine you will see that you will lose more weight.  If you do cross training with interval training you will cause the body to work harder and burn more calories.  A lot of trainers call this muscle confusion.  Don’t let the body get used to doing one thing.  Keep it changing.

Weight is a simple math formula:  calories in – calories out= weight.  Fewer calories in and more calories out will cause that weight number to go down.  When you are not over weight you are healthier.

It’s not complicated.
What is complicated is finding the time to do it.  Exercise and watching what you eat have to be made a priority.  If it is not a priority you will skip it.  If you skip one day, you’ll tend to skip other days.

Get a routine.  Try to exercise at the same time everyday.  Let your family know that this is a priority in your life.  Try to get the family involved.  Have the whole family go for a walk or go to the playground to play a game.

Try to mix the exercises up.  You don’t have to hit the gym everyday, but maybe one day go for a walk.  Or take the dog out for a walk.  You would be amazed how good your dog is when it has been exercised, just ask the dog whisperer.

The fact is the healthier you are the better you feel and the longer you live.  When a person is healthier they have less medical issues as they grow older.  People who exercise on a regular basis tend to have higher esteem and more confidence.

And most importantly the longer you live the more you will be able to fish.

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