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The sole source for bass fishing history

Bass Fishing Archives

The Sole-Source for Bass Fishing History

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – The Bass Fishing Archives hereby announces the launch of a new website, www.BassFishingArchives.com, the sole source for bass fishing history.

This new venture, developed by outdoor writer Terry Battisti with assistance from his colleagues, will cover the history of our sport from west to east and all locales in between.

The site will preserve the record of bass fishing’s early days through the use of old ads, feature articles about anglers and tactics, angler pictures and profiles, and short snippets that’ll jog every angler’s memory

“I’ve always been a fanatic about the ways anglers ‘used’ to catch bass and have been a student of bass fishing nearly my whole life,” Battisti said. “This site has brought all of that together for me and I hope the readers enjoy reading our stuff as much as we enjoy putting it together.”

Veteran outdoor writer Pete Robbins had this to say about the project: “I’m jealous that Terry came up with the idea first and thankful that he’s allowing me to contribute. If we don’t document this history immediately, much of it will end up lost.”

The site will welcome input – in the form of comments, questions and article ideas – from both fishing fans and members of the industry.

“No idea is too big or too small, so long as it furthers our mission,” Battisti said.

For more information contact:
Terry Battisti