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Rod Saver, Cook’s Go-To Organizer and Tuff Skinz for the New Nitro

Since I bought my boat late in the fall last year, I’ve had time to tinker with it this winter and add a few things.  There were three main items I added that I wanted to mention.  One is Rod Saver’s new retractable transom tie downs.  The second is Cook’s Go-To tackle organizer and the third is a Tuff Skinz motor cover.

Rod Saver’s line of products consists of boat and trailer tie-downs.  They also produce fishing related products including Rod Saver Straps, Poly Rod Cords, Trolling Motor replacement ropes, Trolling Motor tie-downs, Reel Wraps, Utility Sheaths, Vehicle Rod Carrier and other handy products to make your day of fishing more enjoyable.  www.rodsaver.com

Rod Saver’s retractable straps are convenient and easy to use.  On some boats, such as my Nitro, you have to purchase an additional mounting bracket to insure proper alignment of the tie down.  Everything is easy to install and can be done in your garage.  No professional help needed.

With the old quick release tie downs I was always dealing with the excessive strap material.  Having to fold it up and Velcro it properly so it didn’t pinch in the quick lock.  With the retractable tie down there is no more dealing with this.  You just pull the handle up squeeze the handle trigger and it releases the lock and the strap retracts into the tie down.

Another issue with the quick release tie downs is they are not attached to the trailer permanently.  Since they are not attached you have to put them in the back of the truck before launching or you lose them in the water.  Not a big deal, but one more thing to do when preparing the boat to launch.  It always seems there is a line of people waiting to put their boats in while you fiddle with the straps.

The second item I purchase was the Cook’s Go-To Tackle Storage System www.cookstacklesystems.com.  A couple guys in my bass club have this and seemed to really like it.  Since my Nitro is only 18’8, I have limited storage space.  I like to fish with spinnerbaits so I own a lot of them.  Spinnerbait tackle boxes or storage bags didn’t allow enough space to put all the spinnerbaits in.  So I was always limited to how many and which ones I had to take.  Now I can hang all my spinner baits under the storage lid. Makes them easy to access and easy to see.  Now I can choose which one I want easily and quickly.

I also put jigs on my Cook’s Go-To Tackle Storage System.  So if I’m fishing heavy cover and loss one I can quickly grab a replacement.  The System comes with clips so I can hang packages of plastics as well.

From Cook’s Go-To Tackle Storage System website:

Cook’s Go-To Tackle Storage System is a revolutionary new system that converts the dead space under the deck compartment lids of your boat into highly usable, exceptionally convenient storage space. These unique, new organizers are perfect for storing spinner baits and well as a multitude of packaged baits. When your deck lids are open, baits stored in the organizers may be easily taken in and out, however, when the lids are closed, all baits are securely locked into place keeping them tangle free, even in rough water.

The third item I put on the boat was a Tuff Skinz outboard motor cover  www.tuffskinz.net.  Ordering is easy to do online.  I called to make sure I was choosing the correct cover and they were friendly and easy to work with.  It fits perfectly and looks good on the boat.  Now I have no worries weaving through that pole timber on Truman Lake.  Someday when I go to upgrade to a bigger boat my motor cowling will look like new.

From the Tuff Skinz website:

Tuff Skinz outboard motor covers are vented and specifically designed to cover your outboard whether you are trailering your boat or even if your on the water.

They are vented to allow proper air flow to your engine while it is running.  They will protect your motor from UV rays, rocks, lures, limbs, aerial assaults from birds, sea salt, and the elements, while keeping your motor looking new.

A Tuff Skinz will preserve the beauty of your motor in addition to increasing the resale value of your boat. We have some customers who have utilized our covers for 4-5 years and never removed the cover to find that when they are ready to sell or trade their boat, the motor looks like it did the day it came off the showroom floor.

All three of these products are new to my boat and have performed well.  As of right now I would recommend them.

I’m also looking for other items that would be useful on the boat.  So if you have any suggestions post them in the comments area.





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