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The Swim Bug from Wave Fishing

Last spring, while buying some dog food, I ran into the owner of the store.  From past visits I knew he was a bass fisherman, so I asked how the fishing had been.  He said the fishing had been good and he was excited because he just got a new shipment of Wave Worms.

I had no idea what he was talking about so he showed me.  Basically, he bought a few packs of dinger type baits that had some kind of special sauce.  I told him I used dingers quite a bit, so he gave me a pack and assured me I would like them.  He said years ago he used them down at Lake Fork and caught some big lunkers with them.  He brought them up to Kansas and has been using them ever since. 

So when I got home I looked them up on the internet.  The bait the caught my attention was not the dinger type stick bait, but the 4 inch swim bug. 

It’s a creature type bait.  The body is a lot like the Reaction Innovation Sweet Beaver.  It has small ribs that displace water as is glides through the strike zone.  The difference is on the Wave Fishing Swim Bug there is a slot to allow the hook to lie against the body.  I still slightly skin the hook, but having the slot decreases the damage done to the body of the bait when catching fish.

The plastic material that is used in the making of the Swim Bug is much stronger than other creature style baits I’ve used.  The only exception is the claws on the Swim Bug.  It seems to be a weak point on the bait, but not any weaker than the claws on other creature baits I’ve used.  All creature baits seem to lose their claws fairly easily.

The thing that separates the Swim Bug from all other creature baits is the twin tails.  The twin tails creates a little more action in the water.  I think this gives it a distinct advantage to other baits as it falls through cover.  It entices a better reaction bite.

This summer I caught a lot of fish using the Swim Bug.  I’ve even caught a 6lb walleye with it.  My favorite color is the watermelon with red flake.  I have also had success with the green pumpkin as well.    

I’ve caught fish using the Swim Bug as a flipping bait, as a jig trailer, and as a trailer for a swimming jig.  I’ve also been told that it can catch fish as a top water bait.  You can use it like you would a rage tail frog or Ribbit frog over grass mats.    

“Let the fish tell you what they want” is something I hear often from the pros.  Well when the fish are telling you they want to eat and they want something with some action try the Swim Bug from Wave Fishing.  I’m sure you will not regret it.

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