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Taming the Beast! Organize Your Plastics

How To Organize Your Plastic Baits

Plastics to a bass fisherman are like candy to a child!  With the endless amounts of designs, colors, sizes and scents, a diehard bass angler more than likely has enough plastic baits to use for two or three years without buying another bag.

Why we do this?  Because no angler wants to be caught out on their favorite body of water and in the middle of a hot bassin’ bite and not have any more of that key fish catching piece of plastic.  Now of course we can’t bring every single piece of plastic we own, because no matter how big a bass boat an angler has, there isn’t enough room.

So now to tame the beast of your plastics, I have several helpful tips and suggestions on how to organize your plastics, so you can be sure to have the baits you need in your boat, but not sink it.

As I’m traveling to and from tournaments during the summer months and fishing various rivers and lakes, I’ll use a wide range of plastics on the different bodies of water, so I’ll have a
Plano 7080 XXL ProLatch StowAway Utility Box
for each of the areas I’m fishing.  This way I can carry extra bags of plastics and other assorted tackle items in this box and can quickly grab a bag of plastics to throw in the boat for that fishing trip.

Come tournament day when I know what the select bags of plastics I’ll be using, I’ll put those bags in Stowaway that has no dividers; it is just an open case.  This way the bags just get thrown in there and I can quickly grab what I need.

During the off-season, I take pride in keeping my tackle and fishing shop, as I call it, organized, so I know exactly where everything is.  By using plastic shoe boxes, I can label them and have one box for each type of plastic bait.  Now I can easily see what baits I need to stock up and then in the spring start stocking my cases for the first tournament.

As far as trailers for flipping jigs or swimming jigs, I’ll keep those in a
Plano 4700 Guide Series StowAway Utility Box
  The reason I do this is so I can quickly select and tie on a jig and trailer just by opening up one case.

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