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Get the Balance Right

Whether you’re a professional fisherman or a weekend angler you need to be healthy.  It is scientifically proven that people who are healthy live longer.  It’s a fact, no debate about it.  If you are not healthy you die sooner. I practice and preach the moderation concept.  Everything in moderation.  Keeping it all in balance. […]

I’m going to the Classic!

  It’s official, I’m going to the Classic! No I didn’t qualify to fish it, but I did get permission from the wife to go.  This will be my first classic appearance.  This will also be my first time to the state of Louisiana.  Man I love crawdads and Cajun food! One of the man […]

Fishing Fitness with Brent Chapman

10/18/2011 – Story by Dan O’Sullivan photos courtesy Travis Perret Brent Chapman has made a name for himself on the Bassmaster Elite Series. The 10-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier has become one of the more consistent anglers on tour the last several seasons. In fact, when the 2012 Bassmaster Classic kicks off in Shreveport, La. next […]

Pain, Posture and Fishing

Has pain ever limited the amount of time you spend on the water?  Maybe the pain in your elbow, back or knees limits the amount of time you spend fishing.  Your pain can be helped and even avoided if you do the proper stretching and strengthening exercises to help your posture. Chronic pain is a […]

Back pain after fishing?

  Every part of your body is connected to every part of your body. Our bodies are made up of individual parts that are connected.  It’s like that old song, “your hip bone is connected to your leg bone, your leg bone is connected to your knee bone, and your knee bone is connected to […]

Kevin Hawk: Fishing has been a pain–no more by George Kramer

Kevin Hawk was on the road to Beaver Lake, Ark. for today’s FLW Tour event when I caught up to him earlier in the week. What I discovered is, when you put enough long days on the water, casting, stooping and lifting the troll motor and continually (though unconsciously) relying on muscles and sinews to […]

Perret’s methods help ease veteran angler’s pain

This article was written by Ned Kehde, In-Fisherman Field Editor, and was in the Topeka Capital Journal on January 8, 2006. An Associated Press story last month noted that U.S. life expectancy reached an all-time high of 77.6 years. The same story reported that 28 percent of all adults are afflicted with low back pain. This […]