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Late Summer Cranking and Plano Elite Series Crankbait Stowaways

By: Steve Pennaz By late summer, most lakes have strong populations of fish holding on deep, off-shore structure. It’s safe to assume that soaring water temps are one reason species like bass move out. But it’s not that simple. Bait availability is another factor. Oxygen levels are another, and there’s probably more that we’ll learn […]

How to Choose the Perfect Fishing Net – Plano Synergy

By: Jamey Caldwell Fishing on the FLW tour has taught me a lot about how to manage fish. One of the things that the FLW does for competitors – which is also a major effort for conservation – is permits the use of landing nets during tournament competition. In doing so, the FLW Tour has guaranteed a […]

Meet the new Plano A-Series

It’s an ingenious, quick-top tackle bag Plano revolutionized the tackle storage business over 60 years ago with the creation of the first molded plastic tackle box. Since then, the pioneers of practicality at Plano have innovated one new tackle storage solution after another – most incorporating their industry-standard, interchangeable 3600 and 3700 size StowAway tackle […]

Stay Organized On The Water with Plano Tackle Boxes and Storage Solutions

Keeping your tackle organized with Plano tackle boxes and storage solutions, accomplishes several things for a Bass angler.  The first, it protects the tackle from getting damaged while you are running across the lake. Second, it cuts down on the time it takes to re-rig or find a new bait when you are on the […]

Medical Box Design ‘Saves’ Fishing

Plano, IL (July 1, 2014) – Line breaks on a lunker fish and you’re ready to blow a blood vessel. Minnows croak after baking in the sun and you go ballistic on the inside. Back in the boat with the motor trimmed down and you hear that grating sound of metal on asphalt – you […]

Plano Bucks Anti-Spinnerbait Movement with Common Sense Storage

Plano, IL (May 21, 2014) – If you read today’s fishing magazines, you’d think the spinnerbait was dead. Yet, while everybody’s throwing swim jigs in lieu of the old standby, blades are looking pretty new again to conditioned fish. Just ask KVD. He still carries dozens for running and gunning, burning over and through cover and […]

All New Plano Tray Boxes Offer Best-In-Class Construction

Plano Tray Boxes – Seems like we’re constantly organizing and re-arranging baits for easier on-the-water access. We’ve got binders, bags, StowAways®, and specialty boxes that do everything but slice roast beef. And that’s all well and good. Sometimes, though, the perfect tackle box is a rugged and reliable old school tray design—like the no-fail Plano […]

PLANO: New Guide Series Rod Tubes

Plano, IL – No, the dog didn’t eat it. He did, however, just step on the rod and snap its tip. And in the mere moments following, the canine became an entangled mess of monofilament and fur. You pull over to the road side only to discover the worst: Your favorite fishing rod’s now broken […]

Plano signs as supporting sponsor of Bassmaster events

Plano Synergy, an industry leader in tackle storage solutions, is a new Supporting Sponsor of 2014 Bassmaster events. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Tips for organizing your tackle today

If you’re like a lot of bass anglers, your boat is like a floating tackle shop with hundreds — probably thousands — of baits. How do you find the right lure quickly and efficiently? This Elite pro has some answers. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >