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Lake Berryessa & Cal Delta Bass Fishing with Kevin Stewart, Andrew, Zack & Steve

Two Days of Bass fishing: Lake Berryessa & Cal Delta with Kevin Stewart, Andrew, Zack & Steve. Fishing Spinnerbaits, Small Swimbaits, Senkos and topwater for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass.

Kevin Hawk – Late Fall and Winter Fishing on Lake Guntersville and Lewis Smith Lake

Shortly after winning the Forrest Wood Cup in 2010 I moved to Lake Guntersville for several reasons.  It’s centrally located to most of the tournament venues on the major Tours and the lake is one of the best largemouth fisheries in the country.  What I didn’t realize at the time, but have come to appreciate […]

Lewis Smith Lake Bass Fishing Report – Strong Numbers and Big Spots Being Caught on Topwater and a Dropshot Rig

The spotted bass fishing and weather has been spectacular on Smith Lake this past week.  Smith’s water level is continuing to drop steadily as it usually does this time of year, but my clients are continuing to catch the big spots on topwater and a dropshot presentation. The DUO Realis Pencil 110 and it’s little […]

Lewis Smith Lake Bass Fishing Report – The Lake is Producing Consistent Action on Topwater and a Dropshot Rig

I’ve been on Lewis Smith Lake nearly every day this past week with clients and the spotted bass fishing has been consistently good every day.  The spots are still schooling heavily and the best way my clients and I have found to catch them are on topwater.  We’re relying on the DUO Realis Pencil 110, […]

Lewis Smith Lake Bass Fishing Report – The spots and largemouth are schooling heavy

The water temps have started to drop over the past week on Lewis Smith Lake with the cooler weather and the spotted bass and largemouth are schooling heavy in certain parts of the lake.  My clients and I are using an arsenal of baits to catch fish throughout the entire water column including topwater, spinbaits, swimbaits, […]

The Big Spots are Biting – Lewis Smith Lake Bass Fishing Report

The big Spotted Bass are active and biting on Lewis Smith Lake right now.  My clients and I have been targeting the entire water column starting on top in the early morning hours and progressively working our way deeper as the sun gets higher.  The DUO Realis Pencil 85 in Neo Pearl has produced well […]

The Arkansas Bass Slam

Anglers from across the country tow their boats to Arkansas to sample the Natural State’s storied fishing for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. But anglers shouldn’t overlook the state’s excellent striped bass and white bass fishing. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Lake Berryessa Early Spring Bass Fishing Report

Matt Harvey – Conditions: Rainy with temperatures in the 60’s. Winds of 10-20 mph. Bass Fishing Report: Saturday wasn’t just a day of fishing for Tanner Sleek and myself, as it was the season opener for the Future Pro Tour 2014 season. I will go into some detail as to what worked for us during […]

New world record spotted bass?

California may have produced another record spotted bass … if the scales are right By Jody Only Mar 12, 2014 Tournament anglers know game day excitement. There’s nothing quite like returning to the ramp with a winning limit … except maybe weighing in a new world record. That’s exactly what happened on April 21, 2001 […]

Shallow bass on the Alabama

If you like fishing for shallow bass, the Alabama River is the place to be in July and August, says Bassmaster Elite Series pro Russ Lane. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >