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DUO Realis Vibration 68 & 68 G-Fix Lipless Crankbaits


A BHQ Perspective – Fishing the thinnest Lipless Crankbait!

When you think of Bass fishing in the Spring, you smile at all the possibilities.

Sometime in the early spring, I was set for two days of video & photo shoot on several of our bodies of water with DUO Realis R&D Specialist David Swendseid.

This trip was a little unique. It was David’s first time out this year. No pre-fishing, no scouting, no research except checking for weather systems.

In preparation for our adventure, David mentioned I would only need to bring two rods; One for relatively shallow to medium depth cranks and another rod for the Realis Vibration 68 & 68 G-Fix lipless crankbaits.

Our primary goal for this trip was to capture content for the DUO Realis Vibration 68 & 68 G-Fix.

This time of the season you pigeon hole yourself limiting your presentation to shallow water cranking. We didn’t have the luxury to take time fishing other baits or techniques. In essence, we were going to try and “force-feed” the bass, it was springtime! There were other techniques that I may have added or favored to this venture and I kept thinking, “for two days were are going to throw cranks? It definitely brought up questions and speculation.

Although I am there to film, capture content etc. I certainly got to fish, well, until we met face to face with crank fish.

Day 1: We headed to an area David had a hunch could play out to our favor. It that held clear water and rocky shoreline you would dream of, the topography instantly screamed Bass. It looked fishy, but we only managed a few average size fish. We only fished the area for a couple hours and then looked at a transitional area nearby. A few fish in the well came from methodical cranking. Slow purposeful casting just didn’t yield enough for David’s full commitment.

Day 2: We chatted about the assumptions as to where decent fish should be holding. David gathered that the fish on that body of water we fished the day before were not as far along as he suspected. In essence post winter staging. He went through his process of deduction and within minutes on water not too far away. We began fishing different water, and slightly different transitions. At first, you would deem the areas similar but as we slowly began to filter through the R&D Specialist’s mode of operation, it was clear he was paying attention to tiny details. Maybe details missed by the average tournament angler. From the angle and distance of cast to a very specific speed and boat position, there was a specific method to his dissection of water. We were on our way to catching fish, lots of them. The small tweaking of affairs granted us a very different day, turning out to be a great move.

First thing in the morning we found active fish in fairly large pre-spawn staging areas that were cooperating. We proceeded to catch fish for several hours on both Realis Vibration 68 & 68 G-Fix as well as the Realis Crank M65 8A & 11A depending on depth.

With things unfolding before you I internally called out, “ok we are now getting clear pieces of the puzzle!” It was truly exciting seeing those chubby bass make their way to our boat.

We moved to several other similar areas nearby and found the same situation. Catching fish all day cranking the Realis Crank M65 8A & 11A as well as the Realis Vibration 68 & 68 G-Fix, getting some good usable video and photos.

I have to say, it was pretty cool to watch this all develop while only having two rods and two baits tied on all day.

A special thanks to DUO and DUO’s R&D Specialist, David Swendseid for a learning session on the water! I actually enjoyed the tough conditions and unique method of trial and error. Watching things transpire right before your eyes, kept me glued with anticipation for the next cast. Tough job lol, but hey, someone has to do it right?

Take a look at the finished video below from those days featuring the DUO Realis Vibration 68 & 68 G-Fix.

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