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Spinnerbait Tips For Fall Bass


Fall bass fishing means several things to a bass angler, you can catch a lot of bass, some big bass and they are feeding heavily so you can use fast-moving baits.  One my favorite Ways to catch largemouth bass in the fall is to throw a Spinnerbait.

Some anglers will just cast their Spinnerbait out and reel it in at a steady pace, this is fine and there is nothing wrong with this method, but other times you’ll need to change things up in order to get that bite.

Some of the other retrieves I’ll use when fishing a spinnerbait include:

Ticking:  is when you make your bait just tick the tops or roots of the vegetation or timber

Burning:  reeling the spinnerbait in as fast as you can to draw a hard reaction strike out of the bass

Slow-Rolling:  letting the bait sink down to bottom and just reeling it fast enough to bring in line, but make sure you are maintaining contact with the bottom

Yo-Yoed:  reeling the spinnerbait in and letting it free fall for a few seconds.  This is good when reeling the bait over the top of a flat and then letting it fall down the drop

Ripping:  plain and simple rip the lure out of the weeds and just hold on because many times this is when a hard hit will occur

Because of the water clarity being very good this time of year, making long casts is important to getting those bites, especially on heavily pressured waters.  This is why I’ll use 15 lb. test Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon, as I can make long casts and when I set that hook, the low stretch will give me a solid hook set.

Every angler has their favorite spinnerbait that they like to throw and pretty much every tackle company makes one, it is just up to you to find one that you like, learn how it runs and get out on the water as much as you can this fall.

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