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The Fall Turnover with Kevin Hawk


In this video Kevin Hawk gives us a little insight into the Fall Turnover – When the days get shorter and the water starts cooling bass start moving. Here’s Kevin’s tips to help you catch more bass during the fall turnover.

More information about the Fall turnover from around the web.

Ronnie Garrison over on About.com –

Fall turnover is a strange thing that happens on our lakes and big ponds this time of year. You hear a lot about the fall turnover and how it affects fishing. Be prepared and take advantage of the changes when they happen in your favorite fishing hole.

All summer the water in lakes has been stratified with warm surface water and cooler water in the depths. Fish often hold in the cooler water down deep if there is enough oxygen in it to support them. You can pattern them and consistently catch them since they don’t move around much.
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The truth about fall turnover By David Hunter Jones from BASSMASTER.com –

The words “fall turnover” conjure up lots of thoughts in the minds of bass anglers, almost none of them good. Fish kills, lock-jawed bass and typically tough fishing are just a few of the things that many fishermen associate with fall turnover. Luckily, Chris Horton, former director of B.A.S.S. Conservation, and Gene Gilliland, Central Region supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, are here to set the record straight.
What is the fall turnover?

“Basically, lake turnover is simply a term that describes a phenomenon where the lower layer of the lake mixes with the upper layer of water in a relatively short period of time,” Horton says.

Gilliland understands that fall turnover is shrouded in mystery for some, with opinions and myth tainting the minds of anglers. Basically, he says it isn’t that big of a deal.

“Fish are creatures of habit. During the summer, they have their little comfortable routine and stay in it ’til the season begins to change. When fall rolls around, they start thinking about eating more. Then, all of a sudden, over two or three days, things change rapidly. This is the turnover.”
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There is a lot of information us Bass fishermen can lean on the subject, just do a Google search for Bass Fishing the Fall turnover.

This can be an awesome time of year for Bass fisherman. Learn a little about the Fall turnover,.. Just do a Google search for “Bass Fishing the Fall Turnover” and then get out and go fishing!

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