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Aqua-Vu releases powerful, portable “fish communication device”

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Crosslake, Minn. (June 7, 2014) – Wonder what Alexander Graham Bell might say today about the evolution of his “electromagnetic telephone?” Given that the modern smart phone fits nicely into your pocket and works everywhere you take it—a dramatic departure from enormous earphones, rotary dials or connected tin cans—it’s a safe bet Bell would be an instant convert to modern technology.

Not sure if old ‘Xander was an angler, but there’s little doubt he’d be amazed by our current ability to “communicate” with fish and fellow humans alike.
Following a roughly parallel and revolutionary path, the angling electronics architects at Aqua-Vu® both originated and re-invented the underwater viewing system, all within the span of decades (as opposed to centuries.) While pricetags and physical size of these fishing cameras continue to shrink, convenience, functionality and visual interface have all expanded exponentially. Case in point is Aqua-Vu’s new Micro 5c, a self-contained underwater video viewer with a spacious 5-inch LCD, compact, covert optics plus a minimalist pricetag.

Equally at home in freshwater and the salt, frozen water or in the boat, the Micro 5c is as portable and convenient as the phone in your pocket. Punch a button and call up the live video viewer. Deploy the acorn-sized camera optics with a quick flip into the drink. Sit back and enjoy the underwater show, as fish and their world reveal themselves in vibrant color video.

The Micro 5c is a turnkey underwater viewing system that includes a 5-inch vivid color LCD and a high resolution Micro camera with 50-feet of rugged optical cable. The cam is also equipped with Aqua-Vu’s Auto-Light Sensing IR illumination system, for maximum visibility in dark or dirty water. Driving this real-time fish finder is a diminutive Li-Ion battery—the same rechargeable power source that juices everyone’s iPhone®.

“A lot of folks in my boat who haven’t operated an underwater camera in a few years are pleasantly surprised by how much easier these Micro cams are to use than previous models,” says professional bass angler, Ott DeFoe. “That’s what technology is all about. Things just get better—more user-friendly and affordable—all the time. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a category leader, too, whether it’s Samsung®, Humminbird®, Apple® or Aqua-Vu.”

Unlike large, bulky cams from competing companies, Aqua-Vu gives users of the petite Micro 5c the ability to literally eavesdrop on fish—to go places other cameras can’t—with incredible stealth and sensitivity.

Drop the Micro Cam into those tight spaces under boat docks, where big bass, crappies and sunfish hover and hide. Discover their depth and position, then deploy your lure and set the hook.

Commune with crappies chilling out in tangles of limbs, brush and trees. See for yourself in real-life and real-time, exactly what’s living there.

As Alexander Graham Bell once devised an amazing method for communicating remotely with friends and other folks, Aqua-Vu continues to give anglers the best, most direct connection to the fish. Think of it as video conferencing with Mr. Bass, on an up-close and personal level. 

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