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FRABILL: New Warm Weather Raingear

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Plano, IL (July 8, 2014) – Regrettably, dry on the outside often means wet on the inside. Sure, you’ve kept the rainstorm at bay, but at the sacrifice of becoming a human sweat lodge. Anglers know that soaked feeling and wetted-oneself look after removing suffocating rubber waders. Same goes for mediocre raingear – kiln dried on the outside while a primary rain forest roots within. Eww…

This very humid-on-the-inside dilemma presents one of the greatest challenges in raingear design. How does an angler stay dry, inside-and-out, in smoldering to blazing weather conditions? Frabill’s chief apparel designer Chris Leonard says he has the remedy. The new F1 Storm Gear premium raingear is critically engineered for anglers dealing with wet skies in warm weather conditions.   


Widely available spring 2015, Frabill F1 Storm Gear, Leonard confirms, is built for anglers that know all about overheating. “Coastal and freshwater bass anglers are subjected to some of the worst weather imaginable. When it’s pouring rain, but the thermometer still reads 80-degrees or higher, you can get drenched on the inside even if your raingear keeps outside moisture out.
We developed F-Series raingear with the specific purpose of keeping you dry inside…and out.”

Longtime outerwear architect Leonard says the F1’s construction is engineered from the outside-in. “We started with a premium lightweight ripstop outer fabric. The new F1 maintains the same waterproof performance as our F2, but in a lighter overall garment.”  
The durable yet supple ripstop fabric is then braced by a layer of internal mesh that maintains an airy feeling as your skin is kept from the outer fabric. The cooling air flow between the fabric and your skin promotes convective heat transfer away from the body as well. This matrimony of materials is found in both the jacket and pant.

Design of the bottoms is extraordinary as well. “It’s a hybrid pant,” says Leonard, “combining the best features from rain bibs and pants.” Taller than regular pants, but shorter than bibs, the new hybrid pant rises just above the waistline to hug your torso. Adjustable waist straps let the user customize fit, too, so you won’t fall victim to “plumber’s butt” at every bend.
“The idea for the hybrid pants really comes from the frame-pack world,” says Leonard. And considering that TENZING Outdoors hunting packs hail from the same parent company, it’s safe to assume Leonard knows what he’s talking about. “Instead of putting all the weight on your shoulders, the hybrid pants share the burden with your hips.” The shoulder straps are completely removable as well if you prefer the pants-only play.

Like all of Leonard’s F-Series designs, ergonomic patterning in the F1 continues to elevate Frabill outerwear above all others. Fabric sections for the sleeve and back are precision tailored to move naturally with the human form, be it casting, captaining, or yanking on an outboard pull start.

Ergonomics continues in the knees and elbows. “The pre-curvature of F-Series Strom Gear is matched to the human form and posture. You’ll see what I’m talking about when an F-Series suit hangs next to raingear from other makers. Slip one on an F-Series and you’ll really feel what I mean.” 

F1 Storm Gear will be available as separates to personalize fit. Jackets come in two colors, rich forest green and oceanic blue; hybrid pants in an earthen tan that matches both jacket colors with style and class.
  • Two Layer waterproof, windproof, breathable lightweight rip-stop shell
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane with 10,000 MM hydrostatic resistance
  • 100% seam sealed
  • Large pockets with zipper closure and storm flaps
  • Dual external storm flaps with rain gutter over main zipper
  • Two-way adjustable, waterproof hood with reinforced brim/sun visor
  • Ergonomic curved sleeves
  • External adjustable sleeve cuffs
  • Chest D-ring to attach tools and side seam D-ring for tether cord kill switch
  • Adjustable bungee cord at hem
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material on back

  • Two Layer waterproof, windproof, breathable lightweight rip-stop shell
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane with 10,000 MM hydrostatic resistance
  • 100% seam sealed
  • Removable, full elastic shoulder straps
  • Gusset behind front zipper provides superior waterproof protection
  • Large cargo pockets with hook and loop closures
  • Ergonomic articulated knees
  • Adjustable pant cuffs with cuff to knee half-length leg zippers
  • Side seam D-ring for tether cord kill switch


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