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How to Choose the Perfect Fishing Net – Plano Synergy

Category : GEAR

By: Jamey Caldwell

Fishing on the FLW tour has taught me a lot about how to manage fish. One of the things that the FLW does for competitors – which is also a major effort for conservation – is permits the use of landing nets during tournament competition. In doing so, the FLW Tour has guaranteed a higher viability rate for the fish caught during our events.

The Benefits of Fishing Nets

When you flip a fish into the boat, they often end up on the carpet. As they bounce around the deck, that carpet removes the slime coat from the fish, making it more susceptible to disease and infection. The use of landing nets helps to reduce the stress on the fish as they are removed from the water, and maintains the slime coat on the fish as they are transferred to the livewell.

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