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Phenix M1 Rods – Confidence in Performance



These Rods Perform – Find a Rod that Strikes a Balance

 How do you select the right rod? If you read my latest article on the Quantum EnergyPT reels you might have guessed that I would immediately single out any rods under $100 and over $200. If you did you guessed right. Again it’s simply a matter of getting the most for your money.

Ask yourself, what do I want to get out of my rod? Is it lifespan, durability, quality components, light weight, sensitivity…?

My personal preference is to find a rod that strikes a balance. This balance that I am looking for is somewhere between sensitive and durable while being feature rich. So what that means is that I am looking for a rod that is sensitive enough yet will last a few years or more and has quality components.

There is a rod on the market which fits the bill. The Phenix M1 series of rods are an outstanding rod. Let me tell you why.

First lets talk material. Phenix has gone ahead and made the M1 rods with unidirectional carbon fiber and advanced nanotube technology. A lot of rods nowadays are coming out without epoxy covering the blank. To me this compromises the durability I want. Phenix takes care of this. Along with the cutting edge technology Phenix is using to construct this series of rods they are also using a proprietary resin which adds a lot of strength. These rods have been tested to hold a 13lb. Weight with a 90° bend in the rod. That’s pretty amazing. With the Phenix M1 you know that if you catch the bass of a lifetime, it will not get away. Essentially you are getting a rod that maximizes sensitivity and strength.

The Phenix M1 components are top of the line. Phenix is a company that truly cares about performance and comfort. They have gone through the trouble to create a custom designed reel seat between very durable EVA handles. EVA is a lightweight durable foam. Getting on to the guides, you won’t find those tiny micro guides that some either love or hate. You also will not find large standard guides that cause tangles and fouls, decrease sensitivity and so on. You may have guessed it, Phenix has gone ahead and used mid-sized premium SiC guides to strike a balance. Balance is what were after right? A rod that offers us everything we need in just the right amounts.

When I first picked up one of these awesome rods I was amazed by the design and the light weight. I bought one and never looked back. Every rod I own is Phenix for a good reason. One feature I love is the split grip. This saves weight. I’m a sucker for light weight things.

I’ve been using the M1 series rods for a while now and they have proven to be both durable and reliable. A few months ago I was packing up to head out to the lake and, it has happened to the best of us, I shut my M1 rod in the door! I was lucky enough to have the rod in a VRX Fishing Pro Series Rod Glove made of neoprene. Let’s just say I’m still using this rod every time I get out on the water. It’s a miracle but also a testament to the durability of Phenix Rods.

If I could have only one rod for the rest of my life it would be a Phenix. The action on their rods is great and I really appreciate their rod lengths as well. Taller guys and anyone else preferring a longer rod for a specific application will love the Phenix rods.

Don’t take my word for all of this. Head over to Monster Fishing Tackle and order yourself, a friend or loved one a new present this holiday season. You will be glad you did and you just may be the envy of all your fishing buddies. Affordable yet durable and sensitive rods means more fish in the boat.

The Phenix M1 comes in a variety of power and actions. If you want something on the lower or higher priced end of the spectrum take a look. Phenix makes a variety of rod models to fit any anglers needs.

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