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Powell Inferno 705 CB Glass/Composite Casting Rod


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Since 2010, most of the rods I’ve been fishing would have been in the $99-range. Some were certainly better than the others. But knowing how much rods actually cost to make, I refused to buy what I would consider to be the “expensive” rods (anything over a hundred bucks). Especially the REALLY expensive ones $300-plus, I thought was just a foolish waste of money.

Well, I have to admit I was wrong! All rods ARE NOT created equal. You get what you pay for!

In February 2014, at the CTT event on the Cal Delta, Keith Bryan of Powell Rods handed me a half-dozen or so mix of Powell rods. This was the first time ever fishing any Powell rods, so during the event I did a lot of switching around, trying different set ups, etc. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, how the rods felt and worked. Then around May, I received an additional shipment of Powell rods, a mix of Max series, Endurance and Inferno series. I haven’t had the opportunity to fish them all yet, but I will throughout this next Bass fishing season. Over the next few months and all throughout 2015, I will post reviews of the rods I’ve used so far.

Powell Rods is a premium fishing rod manufacturer started in 1910 with its roots in fly-fishing. In 2005, Powell introduced their Max Series of fishing rods featuring a proprietary high modulus graphite Maxumfiber blank material coupled with the world’s highest quality rod building components. In 2011, Powell followed with the Endurance Series: built on an enhanced version of their proprietary Maxumfiber blank material and teamed with premium components. Powell then included the Diesel lineup in 2012, which added a value priced line of rods to the brand. In 2013 the company introduced two new lines, the high-end TiMax along with the Inferno lineup, a mid range performance based line.

Each Powell rod is the product of many years of rod building experience and the expertise of the design team that couples engineering and angler input; the result is a rod of exceptional quality and high performance demanded by anglers. The Powell focus is to provide products with the highest quality standards, backed with superior customer service. Try one and see why a Powell bass rod is the best performance and value on the planet.

The Inferno lines of rods are crafted from a 36-ton version of the legendary Maxumfiber material with an added “Mini Matrix” for scorching strength and precision. The Mini Matrix utilizes tube-shaped carbon molecules, 50,000 times smaller than a human hair, which are held together in a coagulated resin, not an inferior powder. Each rod starts with Hi-grade cork, galvanized aluminum trim rings, Pacific Bay MINIMA Skeleton reel seats and Pacific Bay Stainless MINIMA guide set. The result is a totally smooth finish with all inconsistencies eliminated. Inferno rods have been battle tested to withstand heavy loads and the jarring impact of harsh braided line hook sets.

Powell Inferno 705 CB Glass/Comp Mod Fast:
7’0” Med-Heavy, Mod-Fast Action. 10-17lb test, 1/4-7/8oz.
Jerkbaits, Crankbaits, Spooks, & Traps.

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight and balanced the rod felt. I matched the Powell Inferno 705 CB with an ABU Garcia REVO reel and had the opportunity to fish this combo over several months (Aug., Sept., & Oct. 2014) on the Columbia River fishing for Smallmouth Bass. I primarily fished smaller shallow running square-bill cranks, med diving cranks and a few lipless.

This composite 7-foot, 5-power crankbait rod features the silky smooth moderate-fast action you want, but is shockingly light in weight. Rated up to 7/8-ounce, it’s perfect for shallow, medium and some small deep divers, as well as a multitude of lipless and square-bill crankbaits. That perfect forgiveness you can only get from a composite blank lets you fish these baits with supreme efficiency, and keeps that 5pounder hung all the way back to the boat. The Inferno series features quality cork handles with a split grip exposing a section of the rod blank for better feel and sensitivity.

During those months and multiple trips on the Columbia River I caught many Smallmouth Bass from 2- – 4lbs. I never felt I was underpowered with this rod and really liked the lightweight snappy feel. You can easily cast with a single hand. If you’re looking for a Cranking rod for the lighter square-bill cranks, medium diving cranks and lipless, the Powell Inferno 705 CB Glass/Comp could be the rod you’ve been looking for! At the $129.99 price point, you’re getting a High-End rod at a very affordable price.

You can also read a fishing report from one of the Columbia River trips while using this rod >

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