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Spinlock Deckvest LITE ultra lightweight life-jacket



Just the other day I was speaking with one of the sales assistants at the U.S. headquarters for Spinlock.  We came to the conclusion that I may be the one and only angler using a Spinlock PFD. This wont last for long.  Let me tell you a little about this company and the Spinlock Deckvest LITE.

Very well known within the sailing community, Spinlock is an independent and innovative company based in Cowes, UK which produces award winning inflatable personal flotation devices.  Along with supporting many charities Spinlock is also a company that is dedicated to reducing its impact on our environment and waterways where within our beloved bass live.

Spinlock-Deckvest-LITE-02Ok, so what about the Deckvest LITE?  The Deckvest LITE is a U.S Coast Guard Approved (USCG) – Category V with Type III Performance inflatable PFD with 38lbs. of industry leading flotation.   One of the most technologically advanced and yes I’m going to say it, fashionable, PFDs on the market, the Deckvest LITE does come in 4 colors including my personal favorite tropic white. Fashion aside, what really makes this PFD shine is it’s barely there light weight 900g design which lends itself to all day comfort.  With soft touch materials and a breathable backing you’ll be comfortable rain or shine.

Yes you can even buy accessories like a bass boat since it does after all come with an attachement for a kill switch.  If you are not looking to make such an investment in accessories you can always purchase a PLB/VHF to attach to the clipping area.  My personal favorite accessory is the Belt Pack so I can keep my pliers, scissors etc in the most convenient place possible.

Beyond comfort, fit and accessories the flesh and bones of any inflatable PFD lays in it’s inflation system.  The Deckvest LITE utilizes a water activated Halkey Roberts Alpha Auto Inflator that is designed so that only water flowing upwards through the unit will cause it to activate.  Water spray and rain running down the PFD will not trigger activation.  You also have the option to convert the PFD to manual only.

Spinlock seriously cares about you and your safety.  By signing up for a 5-year warranty you will also receive reminders for pre-season safety checks, notifications for winter care and storage.  Clearly the Spinlock Deckvest LITE PFD is one item you can count on and one you can’t afford to not seriously consider.  Try Spinlock the next time you are ready to upgrade, replace or buy a new PFD.

Head over to spinlock website to check out the many other features and benefits of a Spinlock Deckvest LITE PFD.

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