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The Quantum Energy PT Reels are Invaluable & Affordable


I was not always a Bass fisherman.  Truth be told I was always in search of the biggest fish swimming in any body of water.  Having grown up in the Midwest, I was mostly on the hunt for musky and northern pike. I used all kinds of reels.  As a kid you just use whatever you can get your hands on.

Back then, one reel stood out from the pack and it’s my brand of choice to this day.

There are many important things to look for when buying a new reel/s.  One of the most important for most of us is value.  You see, I simply do not see the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a reel.  Even as a tournament fisherman I value quality, durability and value over a gizmo or gadget and an ounce or two.

Over the years technology trickles down into the lower price point models.  There are a few reel manufacturers that have been around for a long time and this time has allowed their top of the line technology to trickle down to their base model reels.  These are the reels that offer the best value, are generally the most durable and high quality enough to use competitively.  I find these reels to generally come in at about $150 dollar price range regardless of brand.  However, you do get more with Quantum.  Look for sales and you can save even more.  I would be hesitant to go any lower in price range unless necessary.  At this price range you will get the best bang for your buck and will have a very hard time outgrowing the reel.  Since reels in this price range tend to be more durable, you will have your self a reel that should last many years.

My reels of choice are manufactured by Quantum.  I use a Quantum Energy PT reel in either bait casting or spinning for just about all of my fishing unless I need a specialty reel for cranking, swim baits etc.

The Quantum Energy PT reels are loaded with trickle down technology and great features. Let me go over a few key features.

Quantum Energy PT – A Baitcasting Quantum Energy PTi Spinning
11 PT™ bearings 11 PT™ bearings
Strong aluminum body and gear-side cover Aluminum frame and side cover
CentriMag™ dual cast control Hybrid RazorRotor™ Design
Continuous Anti-Reverse™ CSC™ carbon-fiber, stainless steel and ceramic drag system
PT™ ceramic drag system NiTi™ indestructible bail system
Flippin Switch™ Continuous Anti-Reverse™
Aluminum PT™ main gear and drive shaft Double-anodized MaxCastII™ spool
Laser etched EVA handles Aluminum main shaft
Spool click tension knob Spare braid spool

All of the above features make a great reel.
For more Quantum features visit the technology page.

I’m sure you will do your research before making a purchase so I will not get to much further into details.  Let me tell you my one favorite feature other than the overall durability.

I love the Flippin Switch™.  I do not always use it but when the fish are active and the bite is good I turn it on. Once you are used to it, this feature allows you to set the hook immediately without having to engage the spool first.  That feature alone means more fish in your boat and maybe more money won.

That all being said, I highly recommend you get online and order yourself a Quantum Energy PT reel from Tackle Warehouse.  And while you are at it make sure to check out the Quantum Fishing website so you can read more about all of their great products.

Zeth Kinnett – Fish On & Keep Dreaming!

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