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When every ounce counts

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When is an ounce worth $85,000?  Let me set the stage for you.  Its August 9, 1997, in the stiffening Alabama summer heat on Lake Logan Martin.  A member of bass fishing royalty is squaring off against a Federation young gun.  When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, Dion Hibdon etched his name into the record books by edging Dalton Bobo by a mere 1 oz to take the coveted Bass Master Classic title.  Granted, we all know about the 4 oz fish care penalty Bobo suffered but in a tournament where cookie cutter fish were the norm, who’s to say he didn’t cull away the title?

Jump ahead 15 years and a lot has changed in all areas of the bass fishing industry.  Everything from electronics, line and baits has endured major overhauls.  But through all of the advancements we’ve seen, one area has been quietly overlooked, until now.  “This was something that needed to be fixed and Accu-Cull did so.”  Brent Shores, the designer and owner of the Accu-Cull Culling system recognized the industry had neglected one of the most important, yet often ignored aspects of tournament fishing.  “As a tournament angler myself, I want to win every tournament I fish.  By knowing what’s in my live well, I only had to worry about what I needed to catch not where my smallest fish is. This has saved me time on the water and those extra casts help me locate better fish to have a better shot at winning.”  When it comes to culling systems, the majority of us put little thought into our selection.  Catch a fish, attach a tag, drop it in the live well and worry about it later.  But when you’re on the water, every second counts.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 21st century of fish management!

Knowing there is something lacking is one thing, but fixing the problem, well, let’s just say, it’s easier said than done.  “The idea was simple, making it work, that was the difficult part. We had to go through countless prototypes and testing before it was released.  It was costly but rewarding at the same time.”  Brent stated, “The problems with other designs in my opinion, they are too time consuming and create too many mistakes. That’s why you see people trying to eyeball their fish in tournaments. I’m sorry, but you can’t eyeball ounces.”  With any innovation, there is generally a moment of clarity when it all comes together, “It was when I was in a tournament watching my non boater having issues with his culling system.  I watching all the errors he was having and I was catching fish while he was going though his catch over and over again. It was then I realized I needed re-invent the culling system market.”

Recreating something from the ground up can be a daunting task.  Incorporating personal experience, outsider input and endless trial and error sessions, Brent has created what he believes is the fastest, easiest and most convenient culling system available.  “With both the Accu-Cull Weight Recorder and Accu-Cull Tags being mounted in the live well, you allow easy access for the angler, also doing away with grease board, grease pen, or a system that stores the weight electronically, then utilizing the Accu-Cull Digital Scale which weighs in 100th’s of a pound and has a hold function in the scale, you will eliminate the balance beam.  With the Accu-Cull System, you can literally cull a fish in 30 seconds or less”

Possessing the ultimate in culling systems already, Accu-Cull is continuing to improve and add to their impressive lineup of items.  With innovative ways to store and access the scale and other items currently in the testing phase, Accu-Cull is well on their way to becoming the leader in the culling system market.  Whether you’re fishing for the ultimate title in bass fishing or battling your buddies in a local club tournament, one ounce can stand in front of you and unlimited bragging rights.  With the Accu-Cull Culling system, you have the security of knowing you’re never going to come up short again.

For more information about their products, check out www.accucull.com

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