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Bass Fishing with Tubes in Heavy Cover

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PHOTO: Wired 2 Fish
PHOTO: Wired 2 Fish

Bass fishing with a tube is a technique that every angler should have in their fall arsenal. Although it’s tempting to chunk crankbaits and topwater lures in the autumn months, slowing down and picking apart cover can produce outstanding results.

Elite Series pro Kevin Hawk always has a tube nearby when fishing in the fall. According to him, it’s one of the only soft plastic baits that will catch fish in every lake under almost any conditions.

Stopping points and contour changes

Fall bass fishing is all about the shad—they migrate into the creeks and the bass follow. That doesn’t mean, however, that imitating other types of bass forage should become an afterthought. As the bass migrate to shallow water via creek channels, they’ll position themselves around strategic pieces of cover along the way.

“It seems like a lot of the bigger fish take their time getting to the backs of creeks throughout the fall months,” Hawk said. “As they work their way into the shallows, they routinely stop on small holding areas or transitions. In my experience, if
“A tube is one of those things that gets bit wherever I go in any conditions,” Hawk said. “It’s even effective during brutal cold fronts– they’ll eat this bait before most soft plastics.”

you can find any type of contour change, such as a bluff or a point, you need to be on high-alert for available cover in that area because that’s where big bass will be.”

Throughout the late fall, Hawk begins his search in the mouths of creeks. When he locates suitable cover, he believes it’s hard to beat the streamlined profile of a tube.

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