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Cold Water Flippin’

Category : HAWK TALK


Target emergent grass or matted vegetation in the winter

Winter 2016 by Kevin Hawk

Contrary to popular belief, flippin’ isn’t just a technique to start using once bass are done spawning.  In fact, it can be one of the most effective ways to put fish n the boat during the winter and pre-spawn stage while producing some of the biggest bass of the year.

During late winter and early spring when other anglers are pumping lipless crankbaits, slow winding swimbaits, or dragging jigs for pre-spawn bass I like to flip heavy plastics into emergent and matted vegetation.  Not only can I cover water quickly, but I can pinpoint exactly where the bass are holding.  Once pinpointed I can slow down and make multiple presentations to a specific area, which is often required when coaxing a bass into biting in cold water.

When the water temperature starts to break free from winter’s frigid grasp bass will look for cover that generates heat and offer security in preparation for the upcoming spawn.

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