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Field & Stream – Three Best Finesse Tactics for Pressured Bass

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Pro angler Kevin Hawk, a San ­Diego native and a ­finesse fishing ace, says spybaiting is most effective when there is at least 6 feet of visi­bility, though 10 is even better. The technique can come into play at any time of year, but Hawk uses it most often during the postspawn and when fish school up in fall. He favors the Duo ­Realis Spinbait 80.

“After I identify the holding depth of the suspended fish, I make a long cast past the school,” Hawk says. “The Spinbait will sink about 8 inches per second on 6-pound fluoro­carbon, so I’ll count the bait down to the approximate depth and then begin reeling slowly.”

Hawk tells those new to spybaiting to reel through the bite, maintaining the same slow, steady retrieve if you get bumped but don’t connect. Most of the bites feel like a light tick, or the rod simply loads up. Read the rest of the article over on Fieldandstream.com >

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