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Hawk Talk – Elite California Delta Event

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hawktalk-june12My thirty-seven hour road trip from Alabama to California passed quickly as memories from fishing Lake Havasu and the California Delta flooded my thoughts. I grew up in Southern California prior to moving to the Southeast and fished Havasu and the Delta a handful of times. I felt confident my experience on both bodies of water would give me an advantage.

The first of our back-to-back tournaments took place on the Sacramento River, but most (if not all) of the field would run south to reach the CA Delta, which is where the best fishing took place. I stayed at B&W Resort Marina for official practice, because it was central to the area I’d concentrate on for the event and helped cut down on fuel costs.

I started the first practice day in the Mokelumne River fishing rock levees and scattered reeds along the main river. Half way through the day I noticed all of my bites coming from reeds on either a Texas-rigged Green Pumpkin Flappin Hog rigged on a 1-ounce Picasso Tungsten Flipping Weight and 65lb braid, or a beefed-up drop shot rig on casting gear and 15lb Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. I felt a pattern emerging.

I ended the day with twenty-five bites while rarely setting the hook. The clear water allowed me to gauge the size of each bass as it swam out from the reeds before dropping my bait.  While I didn’t have a lot of big bites I was encouraged by the number of bites I did have and felt confident I needed to cover more water with the same presentations to find bigger fish. Read the rest of this article over on www.insideline.net >

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