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Hawk Talk – Lake Havasu Elite Series Event

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Due to B.A.S.S. shortening our normal three-day practice period down to two days on Havasu I decided to spend my time fishing the lake and completely ignore the river. I felt there was plenty of fish scattered along the Windsor Basin (close to the launch) to win the tournament. The first practice morning I bounced from point to point along the Windsor Basin dropshotting a Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm in both Green Pumpkin and Natural Shad and shook off several bites.

hawk-havasu01Once the sun reached overhead I started concentrating on all the submerged man-made fish habitat structures the locals call “cages” scattered in depths from 8 to 20 feet deep. The fish habitats hold lots of fish, but they have sharp edges and plenty of objects for a bass to get the upper hand. That’s why I tried to fish them vertically, minimizing the risk of breaking off. I noticed all of my bites coming from the shaded part of each cage, so I began strictly focusing on fishing the shade.

The second morning I fished topwater for the first hour in search of big smallmouth without success, so I put it down and ran my dropshot pattern for the remainder of the day finding several more areas with habitat holding fish. I also made sure to keep a close eye out for any late spawning fish around the shallow habitat. While I didn’t see any on beds, I did see two bass over four pounds hanging around one specific cage and marked it with a waypoint so I could easily identify it when I returned during the tournament.

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