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In depth line selection for dirty water

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One of the advantage of fishing professionally is the amount of time that is spent on the water by these anglers perfecting techniques and selecting the right equipment.  For B.A.S.S Elite pro Kevin Hawk, who won the 2010 Forrest Wood Cup, early season line selection is very important to him and Hawk says this is the time of year you can push the limits.

“Early season brings dirty water from runoff,” explains Hawk.  “This time of year the bass are hungry and stronger than any other time of year, so your line selection is probably more important than any other time of year.”

Fishing different lakes and river systems across the country, Hawk has really narrowed down his line selection, especially in dirty water conditions.

“It’s been my experience that I can use a heavier lb test and a bigger diameter in the spring,” says the 2012 Bassmaster Southern Open Division Angler of the Year.  “Fishing shallow for pre-spawn, spawn and even post spawn bass, means you will be fishing around heavy cover.  This is when for moving baits, like jerkbaits and square bill crankbaits, I’ll use as heavy as 20lb Seaguar Invizx fluorocarbon.  Although you would think 20lb fluoro would be overdoing it, and it is heavier than I would I use compared to the rest of the year, I like the extra strength it gives me.  The nice thing about Invizx is it has a smaller diameter than most other lines, making it an easier decision to step up to 20lb.”

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