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InsideLine – FINESSE TO IMPRESS – Subtle Jig Presentations Tempt Picky Bass

Category : HAWK TALK

By David A. Brown
March 12, 2015

Big and bold – sometimes that strategy works well for bass jigs. Other times, like the late winter to early spring period, less is more.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kevin Hawk knows this and he’s keen on showing the fish smaller packages when conditions and seasonal patterns warrant.

hawk-jigs03“This time of year, on many bodies of water, the bass are feeding primarily on crawdads, which is a good wintertime prey for the bass,” Hawk said. “I really like to focus on hard bottom, rocky areas this time of year. Not only does it hold crawfish, but it holds heat as well, so it’s a good prespawn staging area.”

Of the logic behind using finesse tactics, Hawk makes this observation: “Usually, there’s a fairly large window when a fish will feed, but I feel that this time of year they have the smallest window (of activity) as possible.

“They are going to expend energy to get their meal, but it’s going to be a shorter period than it would be in the springtime or summertime.”

Now, during these short windows of feeding, anglers have options for bass-tempting presentations. Jerkbaits like the Yamamoto Tenkuu offers that cold-stunned baitfish look that suspending bass can’t resist. However, Hawk is most likely to target his efforts to the area where bass are most likely to be focused.

“The fish are feeding down this time of year, as opposed to looking up,” he said. “So it really helps to stay on the bottom and basically work something slowly. A jig does a great job of that.”

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