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InsideLine – Hawk Talk – My Year in Review

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With my second season on the Elite Series behind me, I’ve had some time to reflect on this past year’s performance and I’m not pleased. Not the least bit.  I had one top 12, three top 50’s, and a handful of bombs. That’s unacceptable.  In order for me to be competitive and successful on the Elite Series I need to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic every year, cash checks consistently, and win a tournament every 3-4 years.  Not only do strong performances earn paychecks each tournament, but it can also help build a solid sponsorship portfolio which is necessary to cover the expenses associated with being a full-time angler.


That being said, I do feel I made significant improvements as an angler this past season even though my results didn’t reflect the gains I achieved.  Fishing the Elite Series requires dedication, focus, and excellent mental attitude and confidence in order to compete effectively. It also requires honed instincts and the ability to react quickly on the water.  It’s these innate qualities that separate the average angler from the ones who find a way to win and perform at a high level every tournament.  I feel my dedication and focus is on the level it needs to be, but I know I can always make improvements strengthening my instincts, making better on-the-water decisions, and gaining confidence.

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