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InsideLine – Hawk Talk – Seminole and St. John's River Elites

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Lake Seminole

I have enough spring-time tournaments under my belt to know that if the fish are on beds, it’s hard to win doing something other than sight fishing.

On the first practice day at Lake Seminole I saw fish up on beds. Not a lot but there were enough to keep me interested.  The cold winter still had the majority of the fish pushed back in the pre-spawn stage, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to sight fish.

The second practice morning I checked a small backwater area on the Chattahoochee River and found clean water.  The “hooch” was stained due to the recent rain runoff and this was one of the only clear water areas I could find.  I discovered there were some big fish both spawning and cruising around the small backwater pond.  After marking a handful of big fish, I knew this was where I’d start the tournament.

Fortunately, I had an early draw on day one of the tournament, so I wasn’t concerned about other anglers beating me to the backwater area up the hooch.  It was a tight area and a few boats could easily make things crowded.  Once I arrived I noticed the water level had dropped and the water had stained due to the heavy winds the previous two days.  This concerned me.  As the sun rose I could see most of the fish had pulled off their beds.  I was devastated.  I moved out deeper and fan casted a worm, quickly catching a four pounder which gave me some hope the fish were still there, but after another hour and a half without a bite I felt I needed to make a move.

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