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InsideLine – Pre-spawn Bass in the Grass

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hawtalk-feb01I’ve been fishing Lake Guntersville over the past few weeks in anticipation of starting the 2013 tournament season.  It’s given me an opportunity to dial in all of my new tackle and equipment, and gain confidence in some new lipless crankbaits I’ve added to my arsenal for this season.   The lipless crankbait bite on Guntersville is strong right now and will continue to get better as the pre-spawn approaches.  I throw a lipless crankbait throughout the winter and pre-spawn on any body of water with grass in it, because it’s an effective tool to cover water quickly and efficiently and helps me find concentrations of pre-spawn bass.

Where to Look

Guntersville’s bass relate heavily to both hydrilla and milfoil during the pre-spawn.   I start looking in the creeks off of the main lake and river for areas that have a combination of the two mixed together.  Then I start covering water with my vibrating bait to find the healthiest grass.  I can always tell the healthy grass from the dormant grass by running my bait through it.  My bait “pops” free from the hard, healthy grass while the dormant grass just mucks up my hooks.

Originally published over on the InsideLine online magazine
February 4, 2013

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