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InsideLine – Winter Time Jig Trailers

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A jig is one of my favorite cold water baits because I know I can rely on it even under the most brutal conditions.   Plus, it’s extremely versatile.   I can pitch a jig into visible cover, climb it over a submerged brush pile, or drag it through rock along the bottom.

During the winter I do a lot more casting and dragging with my jig than I do pitching or flipping to shallow cover.  A slow moving jig dragged across the bottom imitates a crawdad, which appeals to wintertime bass looking for an easy meal.

Where to Look

I focus on the sharpest drops I can find, like points that fall off into the main lake, and steep banks that sit against channel swings.  Once I’ve located a likely fish holding area, I’ll idle around looking at my electronics to locate any nearby cover, like standing timber, brush piles, or rock.  This is the spot on the spot I want to pinpoint.   By marking the piece of cover on the drop I want to fish with a waypoint, or using available shoreline landmarks to line it up, I know exactly where I need to cast.  Once I’m lined up,  I’ll fire a long cast over the cover I’m targeting, so I can drag my jig across the entire piece of cover in order to give the bass plenty of time to find and eat my jig.

Originally published over on the InsideLine online magazine
January 02, 2013

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