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Kevin Hawk – Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Bass fishing in the elements


The Guntersville area has experienced some intense weather, including strong winds, rain, and thunderstorms this past week. Despite the weather my clients and I are continuing to target Gville’s offshore drops along the main and secondary river channels.  Heavy wind can make it challenging to hold the boat while fishing main-lake areas, but it definitely can be worth the effort.

The larger schools of bass that have been holding along the drops are starting to break up some, which means you need to be prepared to cover a lot of water to give yourself opportunities for a fun day.

My clients and I have been focusing on the mid and lower end of the lake from Waterfront to the Guntersville Dam fishing anywhere from 10 to 25 feet deep.  Deeper grass is starting to show up near some of the shallower drops, so focus on the edges where the grass turns into hard bottom.

Bottom presentations, like the 3/4 oz 4×4 Football Jig in Defensive Craw and a Green Pumpkin 6″ Senko rigged on a 3/4 oz Picasso Shake E Football head have produced best.  Don’t ignore the moving baits entirely though.  Swimbaits, crankbaits, and spoons will still get you some big bites, especially as the water continues to clear.

I still have a few dates available in July and several in August.  If you’d like to schedule a trip on Gville or Smith Lake please contact me for current availability.

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