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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Changes on Gville


My clients and I experienced good days as well as some tough days fishing Gville this past week.  With the air and water temperatures reaching summertime highs the bass were less active during bright windless days, but any wind and cloud cover that moved through the area fired the fish up and they became easier to catch.

The important thing to remember when targeting bass out deep on drops this time of year is to not give up if you’re first few stops don’t produce any bites, especially if you’re seeing the bass grouped up on your electronics.  Keep running areas and continue to graph.  It only takes finding one active school of fish to turn things around in a hurry.  Off-shore fishing is about timing and the more spots you check throughout the day the better chance you have at coming across an active school.

My confidence lures this time of year while targeting offshore bass are the Picasso Double Barrel Underspin paired with a soft-swimbait, Picasso Shake-E-Football head rigged with a 6” Senko, and a 3/4 oz 4×4 Football Jig.  These lures do a great job of producing under most conditions and appeal to bass holding on the bottom and suspended a few feet off the bottom.

I still have a few dates open in July if you’d like to schedule a trip with me on Gville.  If you’re interested in booking a trip please contact me for current availability.

Email: Kevin Hawk
Bass Angler Headquarters