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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Fishing offshore producing both size and numbers


I had an opportunity to take out several clients this week as it’s the first break I’ve had so far this tournament season.  While fish can still be caught shallow my clients and I have found the biggest bass and strongest numbers of fish have moved off-shore along Guntersville’s ledges and drops.

We’ve been targeting the lower half of the lake focusing on specific hard bottom areas in 15-20 feet of water.  While we’ve caught a few fish on reaction baits the jig and worm bite has been much more consistent for us.  We’re using 1/2 and 3/4 oz  4×4 Football Jigs and Texas-rigged plastics to ensure consistent bottom contact.  Sometimes the fish bite aggressively while other times the fish just barely let you know they’re there, so it’s important to pay close attention during each cast.

I have several dates open starting after the first week in June.  If you’d like to gain experience with your electronics targeting offshore fish now is a good time to book your trip.  I can show you where to look and how to interpret what you’re seeing on your sonar and StructureScan units.

Please email or call to check date availability.