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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Hot weather and hot fishing


June 15, 2015 by Kevin Hawk

The air and water temperatures have risen sharply the past two weeks and it’s full summer mode on Guntersville right now.  The water clarity on the lower end is the clearest I’ve seen it in a while as well.  All of these conditions have led to solid fishing this week.  While my clients haven’t connected with any giants they’ve caught a lot of bass.

We’ve been fishing mainly the lower half of the lake focusing on drops with hard bottom areas in 14-18 feet of water.  We’ve also been targeting causeways when there hasn’t been any current on the main river as there’s always some water movement around the causeways.  The clearer water has opened the door for a few more presentations to work like dropshotting and a single swimbait.  However, 3/4 oz 4×4 Football Jigs in Hawk’s Prey and 6-inch Green Pumpkin Yamamoto Senkos rigged on 1/2 and 3/4 oz Picasso Shake-E-Football Heads have accounted for the best quality.

I currently have June 23rd-26th, 28th-20th, and July 1st-5th, 7th-10th open.  If you’re interested in booking a trip please call or email to confirm date availability.