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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Late Fall Flipping and Pitching Still Producing


We’ve had several days of rain and some cooler weather this past week, which has cooled the water temperature to the mid to low 60’s.  The lake level has also risen covering up some of the remaining emergent vegetation and has spread out the bass in certain areas.

Flipping and pitching a 3.75″ Green Pumpkin Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog to emergent and sub-surface vegetation has produced the most consistent bite this week for my clients and I.   The bass are still responding to a fast fall, so it’s important to have multiple size weights rigged in order to effectively fall through different vegetation densities and depth.

I keep three identical casting rods rigged on the deck each with a different size weight.  I use a 1 oz, 1 1/4 oz and 1 1/2 oz insert and fray free Picasso Tungsten Flipping Weights, which will allow me to effectively fish sparse and thick vegetation from 2 to 12 feet of water.

When working down a grass line I treat it just like I’m fishing the bank keying in on points and indentations in the vegetation.  I also look for anything visibly different in the grass to pitch my bait into.  For example, I’ll always keep an eye out for where two or more different types of vegetation come together and form a seam.  The seam will be easy to spot because each vegetation type will be a different shade of green and also have a different shape.  Seams can be a high percentage area and worth picking apart when you find them.

Flipping and pitching all day is work, so it’s important to have the right equipment to not wear you out.  It’s also crucial to be able to pull the fish out of the vegetation before they bury you in it, which increases the chance of the fish pulling off.

My personal choice for flipping and pitching is a 7’11” Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Extra Heavy rod matched with a super fast 9.0:1 gear ratio Abu Garcia REVO Rocket.  The Villain is an absolute workhorse and does a great job handling the heavy weights in vegetation.

If you’re interested in a trip on Guntersville or Smith lake I currently have Nov 16th-17th, 22nd-25th, and 28th-30th available.

Email: Kevin Hawk

Cell: Kevin Hawk

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