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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – New Year off to a Productive Start



We’ve been fortunate to have had a mild winter so far here in North Alabama, and I’ve taken advantage by spending a lot of time on the water.  This past week we’ve had several cool nights, which has lowered the water temperature to the mid to upper 40’s.

My clients and I have had to work for every bite we’ve had this week on Gville—sometimes going a few hours without a bite.  However, we’ve been rewarded with some solid fish and finding a few key areas where they’re grouped up tight.

I spent two days fishing by myself this week preparing for my trips and caught just two fish in those two days.  I didn’t let my lack of bites discourage me though.  I used the information I gathered from those two fish and went into my trips with a positive outlook, which made for some productive fishing when it counted.

Those most productive patterns for my clients and I this week were fishing a vibrating jig around grass in shallow stained water and slowly working a jerkbait along deeper grass lines.  I know it’s torture turning the speed down on the trolling motor, but it can make the difference between catching and not catching during the winter.

Most of the fish we caught were grouped up tight, especially the fish holding on the deeper grass lines.   Our most productive grass line produced five fish in five casts on the jerkbait, which was rewarding to find.

It won’t be too much longer before the pre-spawn bites starts picking up.  If you’d like to book a trip on Lake Guntersville or Smith lake I have days available in Jan and Feb.

Please contact me for current availability.

Email: Kevin Hawk
Cell: Kevin Hawk


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