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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Shad Spawn Bite


The strong winds and cool weather that dominated the first half of April has been replaced by warm temperatures with little wind.  As a result, Lake Guntersville’s water temperature has risen sharply to the low 70’s.

While there’s still some bass spawning the majority seem to be finished and are funneling out toward deeper water.  There’s also a shad spawn happening first thing in the morning.

Guntersville’s bass can be caught at just about every depth from the backs of pockets to the main river channel right now.   My clients and I have been focusing on humps and points out in front of the spawning creeks and bays, and taking advantage of the shad spawn to catch fish before the sun reaches high overhead.

The most productive presentations for us have been fishing a 1/2 oz 4×4 Swim Jig in Tharp’s Glimmer Shad and green pumpkin-colored Texas-rigged plastics slowly through milfoil and eelgrass.   It’s important to reel the swim jig slowly enough to consistently make contact with the grass.   You can get bites reeling it over the top of the grass, but you won’t get nearly as many as letting the swim jig “tick” the grass throughout the retrieve.

Once the shad spawn finishes in the morning we’ll switch up to Texas-rigged plastics fished slowly in the same areas.  Again, making sure to come into contact with grass, and also keying in on hard bottom areas.

If you’d like to book a trip with me on Lake Guntersville please contact me for current availability.

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