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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – The Frog and Flip Bite is On


The water temperature on Guntersville is around 65-67 degrees and although the amount of emergent vegetation is slowly receding there’s still plenty to throw a frog on top off and pitch a heavy weight into.  The recent string of warm days this week has also helped prolong the fall frog and flipping bite.

My clients and I are catching our biggest bass frogging and flipping, but we’re also catching some on a 1/4 oz 4×4 Swim Jig fished tight to the grass.  A variety of frog colors are producing, but they key has been to work is slow—letting it sit for several seconds at a time before moving it again.  For the flip bite, an ounce and a quarter to an ounce and a half weight is needed to slide through the thicker vegetation.

This week’s biggest bass was a 7-pounder caught flipping a 3.75″ Green Pumpkin Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog.  I like the Flappin’ Hog because its appendages are attached close to the body, which allows it to easily slide through vegetation.

If you’d like to book a trip with me on Guntersville or Smith Lake I currently have Nov 11th-12th, 15th-17th, 22nd-25th, and 28th-30th open.   Please email or call for up-to-date availability.  Looking forward to getting on the water with you!

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