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Swimbaits for summertime bass

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Kevin-Hawk-swimbaits-giant-swimbaitsThere are two major challenges in summer bass fishing on the TVA lakes.

First is getting a bait down where they live in hot weather and keeping it there, at a speed that won’t bore the angler to tears. Fishing a football jig or Carolina rig, for example, is effective but deadly slow, and when you don’t know exactly where the deepwater fish are, it can be incredibly tiresome.

The second challenge is delivering a lure that the fish haven’t seen too much of, and are willing to strike, at least occasionally. Big-lipped crankbaits get deep fast and cover the terrain fast, but so many anglers throw them that the fish soon get used to them as the summer progresses. Big cranks have the added disadvantage of being very tiresome to work–unless you have wrists like a gorilla, a couple hours of throwing an 8XD will have you ready for something else. Read More >

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