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Swimbaits my way

Category : HAWK TALK

clacker_from_cl8bait I love swimbaits. I know they’re not the answer to every fishing situation, but they’re definitely one of my favorite bait types, especially when I’m looking for bigger bass.

A lot of anglers look at swimbaits, and particularly big, hard-bodied swimbaits, as one-dimensional lures to be fished only at certain times of the year or with just one retrieve. That’s simply not true. Hard-bodied swimbaits are very versatile lures that can catch bass at just about any time of the year, and their use is limited only by your imagination and the fishing situations you use them in.

Here are three of my best tips for getting more out of hard-bodied swimbaits. For this article, I’m talking specifically about my personal favorite, the CL8 Bait Clacker Swimbait, but you can apply a lot of these tips to other lures, too.

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