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The New Heart Tail Swimbait – Modified for Swim Jigs/Bladed Vibe Jigs

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hawk-heartail01When Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits debuted its new Heart Tail Swimbait at ICAST, the fishing world saw a new soft plastic with an interesting design on the back end. Bassmaster Elite pro Kevin Hawk saw the same thing, but he also saw another level of potential. 

Making his home in Guntersville, Ala., Hawk is a big fan of swim jigs and vibe jigs. Yamamoto’s new creation, he said, is a great fit for both. For him, a bait’s action is the deciding factor and the new Heart-Tail brings a lot to the table.

“In addition to a good kick, it has a good side-to-side wobble, which in my opinion, is a  crucial element for a soft plastic,” Hawk said. “It really seems to appeal to bass. I think it looks more realistic in the water.

“The Heart-Tail bait is a bigger bait; it’s very wide. In situations where the water clarity isn’t that great and fish use their lateral line more than sight, I think that wobble really attracts the fish.”

Hawk said he first experimented with the Heart-Tail by rigging as he would most any other soft body swim bait – on a weighted swimbait hook. Given the bait’s length 4-inch length, he went with a 6/0 Owner Beast hook.

“When I saw the size of the Heart Tail, I knew that it would appeal to the large bass,” Hawk said. “It’s a big bait, so I started fishing it on a big hook.”

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Originally published over on the InsideLine online magazine