2012 Pardee Media Day 11

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2012 Lake Pardee Media Day


Pardee Lake Recreation area Jackson Rancheria Casino Media Day

Sunday, April 29th 2012

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range of Northern California, Pardee Lake is among one of the most beautiful settings the Mother Lode landscape has to offer and is an easy drive from the valley and bay area locations.

This was my first year attending the event and I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve seen all the great photos, read the stories from past years and was really looking forward to participating. We had some great writers & media peeps from some of the best publications and websites in Bass Fishing along with some of the top Western Pros! Thanks to Kent Brown from the Ultimate Bass Radio show for inviting Bass Angler Headquarters.

I wasn’t sure how things went so I had made plans with a buddy, Jeff Dougherty to bring his boat up so I’d have a way to get around the lake for photos, video, and of course do some fishing. Well, as it turns out, the day’s events are split into two, 4-5 hour outings with each media person being paired up with a different Pro each time slot. I was paired up for the first half of the day with Tony Franceschi and then Dean McDaniel for the afternoon.

Sorry Jeff! But as it turns out Jeff had brought his son and they spent a day on the water doing some fishing anyways. Thank you again for hauling the boat up, hope you guys had a great day.

Jeff Dougherty & Son Andrew

Pro Angler’s attending:
Gary Dobyns, Richard Dobyns, Jimmy Reese, Zack Thompson, John Maes, Bub Tosh, Preston Henson, Mark Lassagne, Robert Lee, Greg Guiterrez, Tony Franceschi, Taylor Parsons, Earl Dalton, Dean McDaniel, Dan Wells, Ron Howe, Ken Sauret, Billy Hines, Russ Graves, Mike Tuck, Zack Thompson

Media Members attending:
Steve Adams – Bass Angler Headquarters, Bill Mays – WON Bass, John Johnson – Bassfan.com, John Caulfield – Westernbass.com, Zander and Cal – Tackletour.com, Brian Sak – Bassmaster.com, Jody Only – Westernbass.com/Bass Angler Magazine, Cal Kellogg & Ernie Marlan – Fish Sniffer, Dan O’Sullivan – AdvancedAngler.com, Craig Gottwalls – Bass West Magazine, Ron Howe – RB Bassfishing.com,  Nick Smith – Informed Angler, Alan Fong & Warren Trumbley – Fun Fishin TV, Joel Shangle – California Sportsmen Magazine, Tim Goode – Nor Cal Fishing News.com, Mike Woods – Sport Fishing Report.com

Just getting started - Quagga and Zebra mussel Inspections
Heading out,..

Soon after all the Pros and media were inspected, we all headed out for the first session of fishing. My ride for the first half of the day was with Tony Franceschi. Tony started fishing the Red Man Tournament Trail from the back deck taking advantage of the draw structure to learn as much as he could from the guys fishing the front. After a couple of years he took the leap of faith and started fishing the front of the boat as a Professional and his career developed from there. He started fishing West Coast Bass in 1994 as a Pro, never fishing as a Co-Angler in a shared weight format. During his second year with West Coast Bass in 1995 he won the event on Clear Lake. Then going on to fish the Stren Series, National Guard and now the Everstart Series in which he just finished in the top 10 at Clear Lake with a 7th place finish. Tony has been doing this a long time, loves the competition and sharing the information he has learned over the years. Look for some upcoming articles with Tony here on BHQ.

Tony Franceschi - professional Bass Angler
Up to speed,..
Love sunrises on the water
Pardee is a beautiful lake

We started out fishing around a small island leading into one of the larger coves… Tony was fishing top water while I followed up alternating between a swimbait & drop shot. Tony got a few followers and as we worked our way back into the cove, eventually getting a few smaller Bass. I was also catching some small Bass on the Drop Shot. We ran into Mark Lassagne from Bass Angler Magazine who reported about the same as we were experiencing. We eventually made it to the very back of the cove where Tony finally got a nicer fish.

Mark Lassagne - Pro Bass Angler and publisher of Bass Angler Magazine
Tony with a nice Large Mouth Bass

We continued fishing other spots catching a few smaller fish and we did see a couple of bed fish but none that could be caught. Time to head back to the doc for the half day switch and a few pics of some of the other catches.

One of the first Pros I spoke to back at the doc, was my buddy Ron Howe from RBBassfishing Ron reported he had a couple nice 4 – 5lb Large Mouth Bass he caught fishing 5″ Senkos in watermelon green pumpkin. I’ve been fishing with Ron many times and I can tell you, this guy can catch fish! Ron has taught me a lot on our local waters and I certainly appreciate his friendship. Matter of fact, we’re heading out to Lake Oroville on Friday! If you’re looking for up to date Bass fishing information & resources on some of our most popular Northern California waters, check out Ron’s website: RBBassfishing.net

Ron Howe - Professional Angler
Professional Bass Angler Taylor Parsons with a couple REALLY nice fish caught on Swimbaits
Kent Brown - Professional Angler & Host of the Ultimate Bass fishing radio show. "Gary! Would you please be quiet? I'm trying to talk here."
A quick chat mid-day, then back on the water
Bub Tosh showing off Kent Brown's MONSTER bed fish!

Time for the second half of the day with Dean McDaniel. Dean has been fishing as a Professional for many years with several top ten finishes. I was hoping to find a lot more active fish but it was not the case for us so we spent all of the afternoon bed fishing. Dean demonstrated several ways to find and catch bedding bass but we never found any of the larger females. Dean explained that even fishing for the smaller ones is great practice in honing your bed fishing skills.

It warmed up for the afternoon with almost no wind at times. Good conditions for bed fishing.
Smile for the camera
One of better size Bass Dean caught
Russ Graves & Dean fishing for the same bed fish
Another GIANT! I've heard stories about the big Smallmoth Bass in Pardee,..
Dan Wells – Professional Bass Angler - Couple nice Small Mouth bass

Caught up with Professional Angler Dan Wells on my way out to snap a quick shot of some nice Small Mouth Bass he had caught. Check out Dan’s website (danwellsfishing.com) for some great Bass Fishing tips, techniques and his guide service. BTW – Nice website!

Unfortunately I had to leave right away after returning to the doc and was unable to spend any time with the other Pros getting some tips and techniques. Now that I know the routine, I will definitely be better prepared for next year. All in all I had a great day, met some great people in the industry. I’m looking forward to next year.

See ya out on the water, Steve Adams


For more information on Lake Pardee, contact Pardee Lake Recreation, 4900 Stony Creek Road, Ione, CA 95640-9439, Office: (209) 772-1472, www.pardeelakerecreation.com.
and if you haven’t already, check out Ultimate Bass Radiowww.ultimatebassradio.com or subscribe on iTunes.

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