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Bass Angler Magazine – 2013 Spring Issue


BAM 2013 Spring-Cover 72

BASS ANGLER Magazine is the most informative and educational bass fishing magazine ever printed.

Published quarterly for every season, BASS ANGLER covers the latest tips and tactics that will definitely help you catch more bass. Tired of searching through ads to find bass fishing articles? Look no further; BAM delivers with more articles and less ads than any other fishing magazine.

If you could only have one bass magazine – BAM is the one!

Spring 2013 (Vol. 22 Issue #1) Springtime means big bass and great action. In this issue, you will find 30 articles from top pros including KVD, Shaw Grigsby, Ish Monroe, Bryan Thrift, Bill Lowen, Mark Menendez and Mike Iaconelli to name only a few. Our cover angler is Todd Faircloth and he takes you through his best tips for catching shallow bass.

The fishing facts don’t end there. You will learn the effects of electrical devices enticing bass to bite, GPS and waypoints, swimbait riggin’ tricks, crankin’ tidal water, sight fishing for largemouth and smallmouth and a special Calif. jointed swimbait. That’s only a portion of what the spring issue has to offer. BASS ANGLER brings you tried and true techniques that will last a lifetime – it is the magazine than never expires!

Pick up a copy today and see why BASS ANGLER Magazine is the finest bass fishing publication available. Visit www.bassanglermag.com for more information.


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