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Bass Angler Magazine – 2016 SUMMER Issue



BASS ANGLER Magazine – “BAM” your bass fishing magazine!

Bass Angler the nations most informative fishing magazine that will flat out, help you “Catch More Bass”.

Summer 2016 – In this issue, we look for giant bass through the transition, learn 4 new things about Rat-L-Traps, how to catch top water bass using three different patterns, we see how Ott Defoe milks a spot for all it’s worth and how to make a secret new lure.

And there’s a lot more… We learn about overthinking the bass, getting shallow with Bill Lowen and Randal Tharp, what’s trending in today bass world plus another 20 plus great stories guaranteed to help you bring home a few more bass.

Bass Angler covers the latest seasonal tips, techniques and tactics from the world’s best anglers – broken down in an easy to understand format so every angler can now fish like a pro.

Pick up a copy today and see why BASS ANGLER Magazine is the finest bass fishing publication available. Visit www.bassanglermag.com for more information.